Wednesday, January 11, 2012

News: Station proposed for South Yorkshire under HS2


Londoners can expect shorter journey times to Rotherham after the government backed proposals for the start of a new high-speed rail network in the UK.

The first phase of the HS2 project will see the construction of a new 140 mile line between London and Birmingham by 2026. The second phase will see lines extending north from Birmingham to Manchester and Leeds by 2033, including the construction of an intermediate station in South Yorkshire.

A formal consultation on second phase routes will begin in early 2014 with a final route chosen by the end of 2014.

HS2 is expected to increase dramatically passenger capacity along the key transport corridors of Britain with up to 26,000 extra passenger seats running each hour that will relieve congestion on existing intercity routes as well as roads and air routes.

Journey times are also set to be reduced significantly with trains travelling up to 250 mph. A journey from London to Sheffield currently takes two hours eight minutes. That would be reduced to one hour 15 minutes on the high speed rail network.

The government estimate that the capital cost at 2011 prices of building the complete network is £32.7 billion. At present values, they estimate that it will generate benefits of up to £47 billion and fare revenues of up to £34 billion over a 60-year period.

Justine Greening, the Rotherham-born Transport Secretary, said: "A new high speed rail network will provide Britain with the additional train seats, connections and speed to stay ahead of the congestion challenge and help create jobs, growth and prosperity for the entire country.

"HS2 will link some of our greatest cities – and high speed trains will connect with our existing railway lines to provide seamless journeys to destinations far beyond it. This is a truly British network that will serve far more than the cities directly on the line."

HS2 Ltd, the organisation set up by the government to develop and promote the project, is currently engaged in detailed planning work for options for the routes to the north, including the location of the station in South Yorkshire.

Possible locations for the station include Meadowhall, Tinsley Marshalling Yards and the old Victoria Station in Sheffield.

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