Tuesday, March 13, 2012

News: EPLAN software holds details of 150,000 components


Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software from EPLAN is offering innovative solutions for an array of engineering disciplines and industrial manufacturing by having what is believed to be the most comprehensive list of components on any system of its kind.

With UK headquarters at Hellaby, EPLAN is a subsidiary of Rittal, within the Friedhelm Loh Group. The software supports the electrical design within important parts of the engineering process, from CNC machines to the programmable controllers of factory assembly lines.

Integrating around 150,000 pieces of manufacturer created component and device data, the EPLAN solution enables users to easily select and apply the data or components required during a project, reducing the time it takes to produce important documentation.

Most electrical design in the UK is still performed using simple, two-dimensional CAD systems that produce flat drawings, where all accompanying lists and documents have to be researched and assembled separately. EPLAN performs these functions automatically and instantaneously, compiling schematics, wiring lists and reports from data, which only needs to be entered once.

The software suite significantly enhances accuracy, efficiency, workflow, and documentation.

Ken Christie, UK director at EPLAN, said: "True value comes from the capabilities and flexibilities offered by our solution, as well as our wide partnership network, which enables us to provide EPLAN users with a central web-based database that can hold a large archive of current content, ready for insertion into a project with a single keystroke.

"This means that users not only benefit from access to the latest, up-to-date data, but also that this data can be more quickly and easily integrated. As it makes searching individual manufacturer catalogues unnecessary, it also increases productivity and accelerates project turnaround."

The German company has 25,000 customers with over 80,000 licence installations worldwide.

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