Thursday, April 5, 2012

News: MTL identifies India as a key market


Rotherham-based project manufacturing specialist, MTL Group, has been showcasing their design capabilities at the DEFEXPO 2012 exhibition in India as they target overseas markets.

MTL has been showcasing their their Design For Manufacture (DFM) service and state of the art armour plating system, IMPAS, which stands for Interchangeable Modular Perforated Armour System, in front of world's leading players in the defence equipment and systems industry.

MTL Group stocks and processes in excess of 10,000 tonnes of quenched and tempered steels per year, and is one of the largest stockists and suppliers of armour plate in Europe. They also specialise in blast floors and ballistic armour.

The Brinsworth firm also offers a specialist added value engineering service for the defence sector where a dedicated team at MTL come together at the design stages, reviewing the customers design and look at alternative processing methods to reduce weight, cost and increase the protection levels.

Simon Hurst, sales manager for defence, said: "MTL Group has been working with armoured vehicle manufacturers for many years now on a global scale and are recognised by the worlds leading vehicle manufacturers as not just a supplier of armoured steel components but as the leading specialist in DFM. Our customers are relying more and more on both our cutting edge technology and in depth knowledge and experience in this field.

"We have identified India as a key market in which MTL Group can offer something different and assist the vehicle manufacturers at the design stage to create a lighter, better protected and lower cost vehicle."

MTL handles multi-million pound contracts for major customers, including BAE Systems, Rheinmetall and Pearson Engineering. Last year, MTL were awarded a significant contract from Force Protection Europe to supply a serial production run of fabricated armoured "V" hulls for the prestigious UK Foxhound armoured vehicle project.

Defence is just one sector in which MTL is a global supplier. Others include recycling, construction, rail and offshore and renewable energy.

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