Tuesday, July 3, 2012

News: Companies combine to complete overseas contract


Reflex, a leading independent security specialist based in Rotherham, has worked in partnership with another local firm, CSE Controls to supply a brand new gas storage facility in the district of Wittmund, Germany.

The site uses latest industry technology to import and distribute natural gas stored in underground caverns and chose to use the two companies because of the individual specialised knowledge, CSE for their site safety and control background and Reflex for the video, alarm and access control expertise.

Both are also fully accredited GE systems / products partners in their relevant fields and this was also key to the projects success.

Reflex supplied ATEX and CSA compliant fixed and functional cameras to provide security and perimeter protection. This included the use of latest generation video analytics software for the identification of alarm conditions, fibre optic transmission of security camera images and specialist fire detection cameras, high performance video recording and storage.

The access control system provided perimeter door monitoring and site and building access with the ability to integrate further into the site safety software.

This application called for close collaboration between the two specialist companies and involved the development of new integration software to allow the seamless operation, control and monitoring of the site management systems through a single technology platform developed for the gas and petrochemical industry.

Reflex operates from Hellaby and CSE Controls has offices in Eckington and Dinnington.

Reflex Systems website

CSE Controls website

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