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News: Teams in place to address skills gaps in the advanced manufacturing sector


Specialist teams have been put in place at the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Institute to address the most urgent skills gaps facing the advanced manufacturing industry.

Alison Bettac, previously director of HR at Sheffield metals engineering group Firth Rixson has joined as director of training at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing and Annette Valentine, previously at Yorkshire Forward has become the skills and training manager for the Nuclear AMRC.

Plans for a world-class £20.5m AMI Training Centre on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham have recently been approved.

The 5,566 sq m centre will provide training in the practical and academic skills that manufacturing companies need to compete globally, from apprenticeship through to Doctorate and MBA level. It's focus will be on 250 young people training as apprentices each year and it could have up to as many as 400 students.

The centre will focus on high-level training, concentrating on sectors such as aerospace, energy and Formula One. It will also host part time CPD courses with the training schedule guided by the AMI's industrial partners and participating companies.
Alison Bettac, director of training at The AMRC (pictured above showing Nick Clegg around Firth Rixson), said: "This is a fantastic opportunity to develop a worldclass hub that will deliver the right skills within the advanced manufacturing and engineering sectors.

"Employers demand high-quality learning frameworks to help them compete globally. This is their opportunity to help build that provision, as the delivery through the Training Centre will be very much employer-led."

Kerry Featherstone, previously future capability and early careers manager at BAE Systems, has joined as head of training and recruitment will continue over the next year.

The National Skills Academy Nuclear – Manufacturing will create a single point of entry for employers and a dedicated team of four, based at the Nuclear AMRC's facility on the AMP, will tackle the most urgent skills challenges facing the nuclear manufacturing industry.

It is supported by the Skills Funding Agency at the Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS), and backed by industry leaders including EDF Energy, Areva, Westinghouse and Rolls-Royce.
Annette Valentine, skills and training manager at the Nuclear AMRC (pictured above), said: "We're a one-stop shop tackling the priority skills gaps for nuclear manufacturing, bringing together the capabilities and specialist knowledge of the three organisations.

"It's all about helping companies compete – we're making sure that all our development activities can help companies succeed in their business."

A launch event for two new facilities will take place on the AMP on September 14.

AMRC website

Nuclear AMRC website

Images: Firth Rixson / AMRC


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