Friday, September 21, 2012

News: EMS launches new voltage optimisation system


Rotherham-based manufacturing company EMS (UK) Ltd, has added a new product to its Powerstar range of voltage optimisation systems.

Powerstar uses a patented design, which can actively reduce electrical energy consumption by an average of 12-15% of consumed electricity.

The Powerstar system is the only voltage optimisation system wholly designed and manufactured in the UK and works by reducing the the voltage supplied by the National Grid.

At a recent manufacturing sustainability conference, the Templeborough firm launched Powerstar HV MAX, which uses a low-loss amorphous core HV transformer combined with its optimisation system.

Older transformers have high levels of standing losses and the majority of modern transformers used on commercial sites use Cold Rolled Grain Oriented steel (CRGO) within their core, which still provide significant losses for buildings in comparison to amorphous steel.

Dr Alex Mardapittas, managing director at EMSc (UK) Ltd, said: "Powerstar HV MAX can be used to replace older transformers on existing sites, or be included in new build projects in order to provide the optimum voltage output for the site. This will not only reduce standing losses by around 75%, but will also lower electricity costs by reducing on-site energy consumption."

The company is hoping for interest from new build developers and the system is ideal for sites with secure data and critical operations such as office buildings, hotels, hospitals, supermarkets and education facilities.

A typical payback period for installing the system is less than five years.

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