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News: RCAT's apprenticeship challenge taken up by Active Moulds


Rotherham College of Arts and Technology is again running its 100 in 100 campaign in order to support local people find employment and training through Apprenticeships.

The 100 in 100 campaign is a national initiative which aims to get 100 apprentices into training over 100 days. Over the last three years the initiative has been a great success in South Yorkshire.

The College is taking on the challenge in order to raise awareness of the benefits of recruiting apprentices and help local businesses grow. The aim is to work with local businesses and key support partners to reach their target before the end of the 100 days in May.

In addition to promoting recruitment, the College is also offering free support to businesses who take on an apprentice during this time. They will also be running career events in the College's state-of-the-art facilities this month.

One Rotherham company to already take up the challenge is Active Moulds, a specialised manufacturing company based in Dinnington, who has taken up apprentice number one of the 100.

Lewis Soley, 16, will receive training over the next four years from the college. Not only are they training Louis to suit their specific needs but the company will benefit from a mentoring course the college is offering for free to employers who take on apprentices during the 100 in 100 period. The company has also qualified for the £1,500 Apprenticeship Grant for Employers (AGE) which will help them further develop their business.

Darren Soley, manager of Active Moulds, said: "Being a rapidly growing company, we've recognised the problem of a skills gap arising and decided that the only way forwards is to take on apprentice. It's all about investing in the future." 

Active Moulds manufacture moulds for the block paving and masonry industry. It has already doubled its turnover from last year and hopes to have a 30-40% increase in turnover this year.

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