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News: Vitalife set for supplemental income


Rotherham-based health specialist, Vitalife, is continuing to expand its product range with the launch of its own branded vitamins and minerals supplements.

Vitalife started life just two and a half years ago in the niche industry of specialist teas - with just one line of their signature matcha green tea (a powdered form of green tea). Since then, they have expanded to offer over 16 lines of specialist teas from matcha through to their popular "slimming" tea blend.

Expansion into RiDO's Fusion @ Magna business centre at Templeborough in 2012 has given the enterprise more space and access to specialist support from the ERDF-funded Soft Landing Zone project including research and support in developing contacts with international markets.

Now Vitalife plan to give the big vitamin brands a run for their money with a new approach. It has developed a range of vitamins and minerals that feature absolutely no artificial or highly processed bulking agents or fillers, allowing the active ingredients to be easily and fully absorbed by the body.

Gavin Edley managing director of Vitalife, said: "We wanted to create a range of vitamins and supplements that were genuinely good for you.

"Ingredients like Magnesium Stearate are often derived from pork and other animal fats - not necessarily an ingredient you would like to find in a health supplement. But the reality is that this is found in most supplements on the market. We use none of these ingredients in our range, opting for no fillers and bulking agents at all where applicable, and where this is not possible, we use natural rice flour as the only additional ingredient to the active substance."

Vitalife launch their first line-up of vitamins and minerals this month, with more due to launch throughout 2013. It follows the first move outside the niche of specialist teas with the launch of its organic coconut oil earlier this year.

Edley added: "We have developed a strong brand since our inception in 2010, and want to continue building on these foundations by offering a wider range of health products under the Vitalife brand - following our basic principles of developing products with completely natural ingredients and using strictly nothing that is highly-processed or artificial.

"We want to be seen by consumers as a broader 'health product' brand and have many more products that we are currently developing, testing, and planning to launch during 2013. It is set to be a very busy year for us in the New Product Development department."

Vitalife Health website

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