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News: Identicom deal for Calico Group


Rotherham-based Connexion2 has secured a contract with The Calico Group, a leading housing group in East Lancashire, to provide its award-winning and ACPO accredited Identicom lone worker device.

Based in Dinnington, Connexion2 uses innovative technology solutions and associated services to improve the safety and productivity of lone workers. It developed and manufactures Identicom, which is now the UKs most widely deployed dedicated lone worker device.

Connexion2 has supplied a total of 150 Identicom devices to Calico including a number of units with "Man Down" detection, a motion sensor which raises the alarm if the Identicom is immobilised or subject to an impact. Other features of the system, that is designed to look like a normal ID badge, allow lone workers to raise an alarm, make an emergency phone call or send a text message.

Calico Homes manages 4,500 homes across Lancashire; Calico Enterprise works with other organisations to deliver a range of projects across North West England; East Lancashire Women’s Rescue provides services for victims of domestic violence and abuse and Ring Stones, a new company, undertakes maintenance and house building projects.

A wide range of front-line staff including Neighbourhood Officers, Float Support Officers and Home Support Officers use the standard Identicom units whilst those working in more isolated environments such as plumbers, gas engineers and carpenters will be equipped with Identicom with "Man Down" detection.

Kerry Tattersall, health and safety manager at Calico, said: "We invited six companies to pitch for the business and then short listed two companies' devices to trial. The staff thought the Identicom device was fabulous and said it was a million times better than their previous system. All of the lone working staff now love the Identicom device and think it is brilliant."

The already multi-award winning device has recently been shortlisted for two Security Excellence Awards in the Best Deployment of Lone Worker Technology category. The entries were based on the contracts with Britain's largest operator of digital television, BSkyB, and one of Aylesbury's leading social housing providers, Vale of Aylesbury Housing.

In May, Connexion2 was acquired by the US leading emergency communications company, Kings III of America, in a multi-million pound deal.

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