Monday, October 7, 2013

News: Think On and Conka the World


Conkers is making a return to the playground, without the much derided health and safety fears.

As the conker-playing fraternity prepare for the World Conker Championships on October 13, a new iPhone app has been launched by local business accelerator programme, Think On! that replicates the beloved British children's game.

Much like the traditional British schoolyard game played with chestnuts, players take turns smashing "Conkas" against each other. To strike, players first tilt the device to align the crosshairs over the opponent's Conka—followed by quickly tapping the screen when the crosshairs shift to dark green. Skilled players are awarded with critical hits that deal a near fatal blow to the opponent's health and armour. The long journey to the top also includes special challenges, new (unlockable) characters, hundreds of Conka accessories, and more.

The app is the first project to reach the market with support from Think On!, an ideas incubator that develops promising concepts into reality. Chairman, Vincent Middleton, is also the chair of Newburgh Engineering, a precision engineering specialist with a base in Rotherham. Vincent's aim is to create multiple sustainable businesses created around innovation and entrepreneurship to create wealth, jobs and an excellent reputation for the Sheffield region by providing the infrastructure around every business idea.

Conka is the brainchild of young Sheffield entrepreneur, Sean Malony, the managing director of Think On!. He recently graduated in Business Management and Innovation and has a strong passion for investment in innovation and creating opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

Sean, said: "Conka is a very personal project for me. You could say that it's a veiled attempt to bring back a time when a round of Conkers defined the day's winners and losers.

"Nostalgia aside, Conka is our way of paying homage to a brilliant schoolyard game that, thanks to smartphones, can now be enjoyed by players of all ages, worldwide."

Conka is available now free with in-app purchases. A product element, a physical toy based on the smartphone app, is set to follow.

Conka website
Think On! website

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