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News: Huthwaite International continues to grow abroad


Rotherham's Huthwaite International, the world's leading company in behaviour change for salespeople and negotiators, is living up to its name and exporting to more countries than ever before.

The Wentworth company is a market leading behaviour change consultancy and specialises in consulting and training on all aspects of sales. It works with major blue chip companies across the world including Rezidor, Dell, Motorola, UPS and Zurich Insurance.

Huthwaite International's revenue from non-UK business grew from £3.8m in 2010/11 to £5.7m in 2012/13 and exports are now 76.6% of Huthwaite's turnover.

In the past year, the company has delivered training programmes to over 14,500 delegates in 65 countries, including events in some countries where it has never operated before, such as Bangladesh, Ghana, Panama, Serbia, Tanzania and Venezuela.

Also in 2013, Huthwaite has extended its licensee and distributor operations with new offices in Bulgaria, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Romania, Shanghai, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey.

Another innovative service is the Virtual Training Campus, where Huthwaite can recreate the live classroom learning experience for delegates in up to nine different locations and time zones simultaneously. It has been a significant attraction for international clients such as INVISTA, sellers of LYCRA fibre and other speciality apparel lines, as a way to unite sales teams from across the globe without the cost and time of long distance travel.

Huthwaite's training is based on years of negotiation research, analysing everything that the most respected operators in the business do and don't do during their meetings. It has built a database of over 40,000 separate interactions, observational data that has been applied to dispel many of the widely received myths about what makes for good sales and negotiation skills. Since 1974, thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of people all over the world have applied the Huthwaite verbal behaviour models in their business lives, with great success.

One recent example is the work with Siemens, the German multinational engineering and electronics company in Greece.

The Greek market was one of the toughest sales environments in the world for Siemens, even before the economic crisis, so they appointed Huthwaite to deliver its SPIN® Selling, a consultative and listening model which helps sales people to sell to the specific needs of the buyer. The 72 days of intensive training with 165 Siemens sales people is paying off for the company and has been recognised with an industry award.

Irene Karamani, human resources manager for Siemens Hellas, said: "Huthwaite's training programme was exactly what they needed to keep them alert and motivated in the current difficult period for the business. And most importantly, they finished the programme full of enthusiasm, passion and strong belief that if they use the knowledge they can change their results immediately."

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