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News: Martek expands at leisure


Rotherham based Martek Medical, a specialist provider of defibrillator technology, has reported a significant increase in demand for AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) from leisure centres, gyms and fitness suites across the country.

Manvers-based Martek Marine is one of the world leaders in the supply of safety and environmental monitoring systems for the shipping industry. Martek Medical specialises in lifesaving products including semi automatic external defibrillators that guide the user through the stressful experience of treating someone suffering from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

SCA is the biggest killer in the world accounting for around 140,000 deaths in the UK alone each year.

Ian Couldwell, product manager for Martek Medical, said: "We've seen a major increase in demand year on year for AEDs, as increasing numbers of leisure and fitness centres recognise the benefits. With January typically a time when people are more likely to "over exercise" following the Christmas period and new members who may not be used to taking regular exercise join and often over-exert themselves, the dangers from Sudden Cardiac Arrest are higher than normal. AEDs are becoming an essential part of the first aid toolkit in a gym, helping to protect members and save lives."

DW Sports, which runs DW Fitness clubs at 50 locations across the UK, recently invested in over 70 Lifeline Automated External Defibrillator's from Martek Medical. Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) have proved to be an invaluable investment, as more than 30 lives have been saved following the installation of AEDs in each of its leisure clubs and hotels throughout the UK.

Dawn Sefton, head of Health and Safety at DW Sports, said: "The Lifeline AEDs are a key element of our health and safety strategy and each one of our centres has at least one AED on site.  A sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone and our AEDs have been used to save the lives of people from the age of 23, right up to 80 years' old. They've also proved to be an asset to the local community, with at least one occasion where one of our AEDs has been used to save the victim of a nearby road traffic accident."

Speed of delivery is vital in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest, as the chances of successful defibrillation decline at a rate of around 10% with each minute that passes. If defibrillation is delivered quickly, however, survival rates can be as high as 75% so it is important to ensure that AEDs are located in easy to access places. At each DW Sports facility, for example, the AEDs were fitted in central areas following a thorough assessment to identify where the fitness clubs have the highest footfall.

Although Lifeline AEDs can be used effectively in an emergency situation without any prior training, DW Sports decided to go one step further by ensuring that all management staff hold first aid at work qualifications, with additional defibrillation training. The company also holds bi-monthly training at each of its sites which includes regular defibrillation training.

Ian Couldwell added: "It's great to hear from DW Sports how defibrillators have helped to save so many lives. The company has taken a responsible approach and it just goes to show how many more could be saved if every leisure centre or gym had at least one AED on site."

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