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News: Eadon complete global projects


Award-winning Rotherham engineering design consultancy, Eadon Consulting, has completed work on two new projects and been recognised for its input into another.

The expanding firm has offices in the AMP Technology Centre on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham. It specialises in highly complex or unusual challenges and its design work spans across a number of sectors, with expertise in mechanical, structural, control and hydraulic design. It has worked on a wide range of projects including moving bridges, water control structures such as timber and steel lock gates, analysis of high integrity nuclear cranes as well as design of bespoke machinery and lifting equipment.

Eadon Consulting were commissioned by Cullums to complete the structural analysis of an acoustic enclosure. The project consists of a stainless steel enclosure that will be used to house a gas turbine on an offshore platform in Brazil.

Cullums, who specialise in marine gas turbine applications, approached Eadon to assist in developing the design of the structure. The bespoke nature of the enclosure, which sees a cantilever incorporated at one end and an unusual structural layout, provided the project with a unique set of analysis criteria. A model was created which allowed wind and floor loading to be easily applied. Size restrictions in relation to the space the enclosure would eventually occupy also needed to be taken into account.

Working alongside Lindhurst Engineering Ltd and Zeeko Ltd, Eadon has also completed the detailed mechanical drawings for a metrology tower which is to be manufactured in India and will be installed in a new scientific facility in Dehradun in the northern part of the country.

Dehradun is located in a region of high seismic activity, this meant the four story structure had to be designed using a dynamic analysis to the Indian seismic and structural steel design codes.

Another Eadon project, The Hatea River Crossing in New Zealand (pictured), has recently won a Civic Award Trust award, recognising projects that have made a positive contribution to the local communities they serve.

Known locally as Te Matau a Pohe (the Fishhook of Pohe), the pioneering bascule bridge opened to both cars and pedestrians last year with the aim of easing traffic congestion around the city of Whangarei.

The 265 metre long bridge has a 25 metre long central lifting span to allow yachts to pass. The opening mechanism is based on a traditional rolling bascule bridge type, with the structural steel deck supports shaped to provide a distinctive elevation which speaks both of its rolling movement and also its cultural context - the curved "J" shape is an interpretation of the fish hook motif that is widely used in Maori culture.

Eadon Consulting, along with a group of specialised contractors, have been instrumental in the design of operating equipment and mechanical elements featured in the project.

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