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News: Neilson invests in safety training


Rotherham-based Neilson Hydraulics & Engineering Ltd has invested in specialist training to enhance its machine building integration knowledge and help new and existing customers meet the ever growing Machinery Directive under CE marking.

Established in 1977, Neilson supplies hydraulic components, systems and electronic control solutions to companies in the construction, engineering, farming, materials handling, marine, plastics, recycling and steel industries.

The company has recently expanded its Catcliffe premises by acquiring an additional 3,000 sq ft unit, which features a new hydraulics and electronics assembly area, test rig, clean area, hydraulic and electrical service department.

Machines that are being placed on the market in the UK and Europe are required to be CE Marked under the Machinery Directive before they are put into service. The Directive applies to machines that are new, but also applies to machines that have been built for own use, or where they have been modified or rebranded.

Most manufactures will sign a Declaration of conformity; the CE marking is a visible sign that the manufacturer of the product has fulfilled the requirements of the current Machinery Directive, which includes functional safety risk assessment evaluations and documentation. Through undertaking the functional safety training Neilson Hydraulics can undertake a thorough assessment and evaluation on behalf of their customers to help them achieve their CE requirements.

Neilson Hydraulics is one of the few companies in Europe to have undertaken the Functional Safety Fundamentals and Functional Safety Evaluation training.

With the latest advancements in machinery and the ever growing complexities, Functional Safety (as part of the Machinery Directive) is now playing a huge role in recognising potential hazards in machine design.

Nick Doe, electrical controls manager at Neilson Hydraulics, said: "Assessing these hazards, whether it be hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, electronic or software and implementing procedures to remove or prevent them is vital to the day-to-day running of our business. As a systems integrator, machine builder and component supplier, it is essential that we make our customers aware of the functional safety requirements and through our function safety training we are now able to offer additional advice, which will set us apart from other companies.

"We are a strong technical and forward thinking company that is reacting quickly to the advancements in new technology, which is allowing us to move into the next generation of hydraulics and electronics. It is essential that we continue to invest in training to offer unique services to our customers."

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