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News: Zen Golf putting success in the hands of the crowd


Innovative firms in the Sheffield city region are working together on a golf putter that uses the very latest in advanced technology and are calling on the crowd to help them get to market.

The project is the brain child of Sheffield-based Zen Golf, which has joined forces with Performance Engineered Solutions, based on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham and Newburgh Engineering, that has a base at Templeborough in Rotherham.

Zen Golf has teamed up with Bloodhound SSC, whose mission is to build the first car to break 1,000 mph, and will use the same engineering excellence and spirit of adventure by creating the "most awesome golf putter of all time." Newburgh is a high-tech precision engineering sub-contractor and is a project sponsor of Bloodhound, completing Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) gearbox casings for use in the car.

The team is already using its expertise to create a driver to attempt to break the long-standing world carry record of 408 yards 10 inches. The new golf club is being called the Bloodhound Driver after the car.

The development of the putter will see the bezel set into the sole of the putter manufactured from the same aluminium used to build the wheels for the supersonic car. It will be combined with the company's "Zen Wave technology" which has been developed alongside training techniques to help golfers understand the strengths and weaknesses of their own putting technique.

Research on the Reduced Dimple Error (RDE) Wave face technology was carried out at Sheffield Hallam University and PES (Performance Engineered Solutions) helped with the concept designs and brainstorming the putter design and proposed many variations.

Prototypes have been made with the finished putters set to be manufactured at Newburgh in Rotherham. Zen has turned to leading crowdfunding source, Kickstarter, to raise some of the finance from fans, golfers and engineers alike.

Nick Middleton, founder of Zen Oracle Golf, said: "We aim to achieve an exclusive Limited Edition Zen Bloodhound Putter created using the exact same materials and technology from the most adventurous and expensive car ever produced. This unique putter will showcase the next generation impact technology which delivers perfect launch conditions; while the training aperture will be constructed from the same unique alloy developed for the car wheels. Together, these will be fused into into a distinctive Bloodhound styled body to create the ultimate putter that is both elegant as it will also deliver superior performance to match.

"Each putter will have the signatures of Wing Commander Andy Green OBE (Bloodhound pilot) and Richard Noble OBE (Project Director) engraved on the putter head to confirm the authenticity of this highly collectable masterpiece of golf engineering.

"We want to create 1000 putters, one for each mile per hour of the target record attempt. In a similar vein to Bloodhound, Zen Works are looking to deliver their project through means of crowd funding. And, the first 100 units to be produced will therefore act as a catalyst for our mission as well as bestow particular significance for the collectors."

The project is another to be developed at Think On!, an ideas incubator that develops promising concepts into reality. Chairman, Vincent Middleton, is also the chair of Newburgh Engineering. Vincent's aim is to create multiple sustainable businesses created around innovation and entrepreneurship to create wealth, jobs and an excellent reputation for the Sheffield region by providing the infrastructure around every business idea.

Zen Golf website
Newburgh Engineering website

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