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News: Rotherham pupils make £5 blossom for charity


Enterprising pupils at a Rotherham school took a £150 investment loan from a local business and turned it into £206 profit for charity.

Pupils at Wingfield Academy were given a loan of £150 from The Source Skills Academy as part of the Rotherham Ready Make £5 Blossom project. The project gives businesses the opportunity to support business and entrepreneurship education in local schools by investing £5 per pupil for a class of 30 children. The pupils then decide how they are going to invest their loan to make a profit, and where they would like the profits to go once the £150 investment is repaid. 

The team of five pupils from Year 8 decided to produce exciting gifts and produce around the "American Dream" theme. After sourcing the materials they made an assortment of products including cards, popcorn and brownies which were sold at Rotherham market; the school fair and also to staff at The Source Skills Academy.

George Elliott, account manager at The Source, supported the investment by acting as a mentor to the group, listening to their ideas and giving advice when requested. George said: "The greatest achievement the students can take away from this project is their fantastic team-work. It was a brilliant opportunity for them to listen to each other's opinions and to make decisions between them; a great skill for their future careers."

Jayne Twigg, charity coordinator at the school, added: "It's been great working with The Source; the project has been a wonderful experience for the pupils and it's given them a chance to use their maths skills in a real world application. The project encouraged them to think about the costs of materials and how to achieve maximum profit margins in order to make the most money for their charities and they should be really proud of the money they've raised."

At the end of the project, the team attended a presentation at Rotherham Town Hall where they were presented certificates for their achievement by the Mayor of Rotherham, Councillor John Foden, and the Mayoress of Rotherham, Kath Foden. They proudly returned their £150 loan to Dianne Wainwright from The Source Skills Academy and donated the £206 profit to Rotherham Talking Newspaper, Cancer Research UK and Oxfam.

Developed from Rotherham Ready and now a social enterprise, Ready Unlimited develops teachers' skills and confidence to create enterprising and entrepreneurial learning for all children.

The pioneering work in Rotherham, were pupils as young as four are inspired to learn more about the world of work and business, was recently featured in a government report called "Education System fit for an Entrepreneur," exploring best practice across the UK and around the world.

Catherine Brentnall, managing director at Ready Unlimited, said: "We are pleased that the report has captured the potential and impact of enterprise in education, and highlights our approaches – supporting educators to value and develop enterprise learning and culture, and creating an enterprise entitlement – as best practice.

"This report shows that enterprise is a critical part of a 21st century education and it is good to see a cross party group recognise this. We look forward to seeing how these recommendations are acted upon to make high quality enterprise education an entitlement for all."

Ready Unlimited website
The Source website

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