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News: Steelphalt hits 50 on the road


Rotherham road surface specialist, Steelphalt, is celebrating its 50th year of producing steel slag for safer roads.

SteelPhalt has been developing and manufacturing high performance asphalt products for the UK road making industry since 1964, sourcing slag cost-effectively from the surrounding steel industry and providing a sustainable way of making asphalt, with at least 95 per cent of the product the result of the recycling process.

Part of the Harsco Metals Group, the company works in partnership with councils, local authorities and contractors nationwide to "deliver durable roads for a sustainable world."

Based at Templeborough, SteelPhalt is ideally located to source slag cost-effectively from the surrounding steel industry - a sustainable way of making asphalt since at least 95 per cent of the product is recycled.

The exceptional strength and durability of SteelPhalt's steel slag products extends the life of roads and lengthens road maintenance intervals for resurfacing.

A gala dinner at Rotherham United's New York Stadium on July 12 will be attended by approximately 300 guests, including clients from the steel industry and the roads sector, Steelphalt staff and US representatives of parent company, Harsco.

Dean Raynor, commercial manager at Steelphalt, said: "As we celebrate 50 years of steel slag for safer roads we believe this is the perfect time to get everybody together and mark an important milestone in the Steelphalt story.

"SteelPhalt, which is part of the Harsco group, not only supports the local economy – more importantly, it provides sustainable, 100 per cent recycled asphalt products to Rotherham and South Yorkshire and beyond.

"And although this is officially our 50th anniversary year, our origins as one of the first companies in the region to understand the implications of recycling and its positive impact on the environment go back much further than that."

SteelPhalt surfaces, which are used across the region, have a high skid resistance and are also a key tool in increasing road safety in busy areas like the roads around schools and other high traffic volume sites.

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