Tuesday, June 10, 2014

News: JCI Rotherham wins first competition


Speaking of success, Charlotte Scothern, owner of Patchwork Pig, has been named as the most outstanding public speaker in the region after entering and competing in the JCI regional public speaking competition.

Charlotte, who runs the colourful gift shop on the High Street in Rotherham town centre, joined Junior Chamber International (JCI) Rotherham after its relaunch in February. Quickly seeing what good the chamber could do in Rotherham, she threw herself into making a difference and was voted in as deputy president in April.

The public speaking competition sees the best public speakers from all over Yorkshire compete and has been run in the region for over 65 years. With a number of set topics to choose from, the competition requires a special kind of public speaking, challenging participants to express creative ideas in a clear and captivating manner. The regional competition is made up from the winners of local competitions. The winner will then go on to compete at the national level.

Following the event, Charlotte (pictured) said: "After A-level drama you'd think I'd be ready for "performing" but the nerves still got to me. I'm used to talking. In fact most of the time I'm never quiet but I've never done a speech about a topic before and "performed" as me.

"I was up against brilliant competition which is why I still can't believe I won. I can't stop smiling."

Charlie Pearson, JCI Rotherham 2014 president, added: "For a chamber that relaunched only a few months ago to go on and make such a great impression on a regional level is just incredible. Charlotte is a fantastic public speaker and I could not have been more proud watching her speak. I know the whole region will be behind her when she competes in the national finals in November."

The public speaking competition is a big part of the training and opportunities that are offered by JCI Rotherham as well as other Junior Chambers all over the world. People wishing to develop their skills in Rotherham will have the chance to take part in the exciting projects which JCI offers for people aged between 18 – 40, joining existing opportunities already available in Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield, Barnsley, Harrogate and Doncaster as well as an exciting new monthly program held in Rotherham. Membership of JCI allows people to:

- network with other young professionals (Grow)

- increase your confidence in public speaking and debating (Shine)

-support your local community and charitable projects (Challenge)

-travel to events locally, nationally and internationally (Connect)

- develop your social network (Laugh)

JCI's membership is very diverse – from start-up entrepreneurs to people working in blue chip companies, non-profit organizations and charities, as well as people looking for work. JCI members come from all walks of life, and from all around the world. But they are united in one common aim: Be better buy being who you want to be.

JCI Rotherham website

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