Thursday, August 28, 2014

News: Gala Tent's new product selling like hot stones


Rotherham-based Gala Tent, one of the UK's leading manufacturers of marquees and gazebos, is seeing an increase in orders for its latest product - an innovative method of hot stone cooking.

"Real Steak on the Stones" allows users to cook their own food on a hot stone, to their preferred taste and the Manvers firm believes that the concept has huge benefits for restaurants, hotels and outdoor catering companies as it provides added excitement for diners, creates a unique selling point for a venue and enables the customers to control exactly how they want their food to be cooked.

Made from volcanic granite rock that is thermal shock resistant, the stones can be heated to extremely high temperatures, retaining heat for a significant amount of time and enabling even the thickest cuts of meat to be cooked. They are used successfully by the Real Steakhouse at Thurcroft, Rotherham, the popular restaurant which was transformed after it was acquired by Jason Mace of Gala Tent.

Jason Mace, managing director of Gala Tent, said: "We were delighted to become one of the UK's first retailer of Real Steakstones. It is a really exciting concept for restaurants and others in the highly competitive catering trade to offer totally different. There are major advantages for both the customer and the dining outlet and we're looking forward to introducing the concept to restaurants and hotels around the country in the coming months."

The concept is also proving popular for home diners keen to avoid the health risk of food not being cooked correctly at barbecues.

Mace added: "We introduced the Real Steak on the Stone method to meet demand from those who love dining outdoors, but do not want the safety risks of using barbecues. The method offers a healthier, more exciting way of cooking food outdoors, whilst significantly decreasing the risk of food poisoning, by cooking food more consistently throughout."

Real Steakstones website
Gala Tent website

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