Tuesday, October 14, 2014

News: Consultation opens on final development sites


Consultation has begun on the proposed sites that will form Rotherham's planning blueprint for the next 15 years where 235 hectares of land will be needed over the period to meet the broad requirements of 12 - 15,000 additional jobs.

The figure, which includes five hectares for office use, has been formulated as part of Rotherham Council's long-running work on a new Local Plan that has recently been formally adopted by the council after satisfying government inspectors.

The plan includes the Core Strategy - which sets out the broad amount and distribution of future growth - and the Sites and Policies document - which sets out the detailed sites and development management policies to deliver this growth. The planning inspector, Richard Hollox, recommended a number of changes to the Core Strategy, including raising the overall housing target from 14,000 to 17,000.

The inspector was challenged by the council on the amount of homes that needed to be built and the potential effect on the green belt. They will now be able to set their own target for housing numbers which stood at 14,371, or 958 dwellings every year.

For a six week period from yesterday, the public will be able to view exactly where - and where not - new residential and industrial developments can be considered.

A total of 42 proposed development sites have been identified through reviews and surveys with 261 hectares of land identified, compared to the target of 235 hectares in the recently adopted Core Strategy.

The document also contains development management policies to guide decisions on planning applications and includes designations to protect sensitive locations. A review of all town, district and local centres and Mixed Use areas has been undertaken to inform the uses that will be supported in these areas.

One such policy is designed to maintain and enhance the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) by supporting uses that can demonstrate that they contribute towards the advanced manufacturing and materials sector, whilst restricting more general employment uses.

Andy Duncan, planning policy manager for the council, said: "Anyone interested in the future development of the borough should take a look at this document. Having a Local Plan in place is vital for a number of reasons. We need to provide sufficient, good quality homes and decent affordable housing as well as providing employment land - and we need the views of the public.

"Interested parties have until Monday, November 24, in which to make their comments."

A number of public drop-in consultation events are planned.

Local Plan consultation website

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