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News: Hydrogen car heading to Rotherham


One of the first Hyundai ix35 fuel cell vehicles to arrive in the UK is on its way to Rotherham as part of a showcase project for the world's first series-production hydrogen-fuelled car.

ITM Power, the Sheffield-based energy storage and clean fuel company, has taken delivery of one of only six UK-bound ix35s, as they are building innovative hydrogen refuelling stations across the country.

The vehicle refueller for the Hyudai will be located on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham where the hydrogen station will form a Hydrogen Mini Grid (HMG) facility consisting of a 225kW wind turbine and an ITM Power electrolyser and 220kg of hydrogen storage, enough to refuel 40 fuel cell vehicles. This approach allows the hydrogen to be produced on site, from just electricity and water, resulting in the Hyundai ix35 vehicle running on the cleanest hydrogen fuel available.

To support the desire for the Waverley site to be at the forefront of ultra-low carbon vehicle technologies, Rotherham Council is leading on a £100,000 project to secure one of the hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (HFC-EV) manufactured by Hyundai. The vehicle will be made available to a range of organisations across South Yorkshire over a period of four years to demonstrate the applicability of the technology across as wide a variety of applications as possible. During this period it is hoped that the market price of HFC-EVs will decrease as production volumes increase and hydrogen fuel becomes more widely available.

Hyundai's ix35 Fuel Cell emits only water from its exhaust and is fitted with a 100 kW (136 ps) electric motor, allowing it to reach a maximum speed of 99mph with a 0-to-62mph time of 12.5 seconds. A pair of hydrogen tanks, located between the vehicle's rear wheels, gives it a range of 369 miles, meaning that a round trip to London would require just one refuelling.

Graham Cooley, CEO, ITM Power PLC, said: "We are delighted to be one of the first to run a fuel cell vehicle on the roads in the UK. This move helps to highlight that the motor manufactures are serious about rolling these vehicles out, which in turn signals the growing demand for hydrogen refuelling stations."

Tom Finnegan-Smith, transportation and highways design manager for Rotherham Borough Council, added: "Being one of the first regions within the UK to have a fuel cell vehicle is very exciting. The Council is an enthusiastic supporter of hydrogen as a clean fuel solution for South Yorkshire and we will utilise the opportunity to showcase the vehicle and the refuelling station to neighbouring districts."

Tony Whitehorn, president and CEO of Hyundai Motor UK, added: "Making the first UK customer deliveries of hydrogen-powered cars is a huge landmark for the industry. Hyundai is the first company in the world to start series-production of a fuel cell vehicle and is committed to rolling-out this technology in line with government plans to grow the refuelling infrastructure."

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