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Having been given valuable support when launching her own business, a Rotherham-based digital marketing expert is now giving support back to Rotherham Youth Enterprise (RYE), helping it to raise its profile using social media.

Infinity Digital was named Most Innovative Business in the Rotherham Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2014 when judges praised Rebecca Coupe for her commitment to innovation, creative vision and determination to drive the business forward.

RYE secured part-funding through the European Regional Development Fund, to provide self-employment support and advice for young adults (up to the age of 30) in the area. Rebecca is just one of the hundreds of young people who have been inspired to explore business ideas and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to be their own boss.

The seeds of self-employment and growing a business were sown when Rebecca gained work experience at a small business with an entrepreneurial spirit whilst studying for a degree in Theology and Religious Studies. Rebecca explained: "Even as an office junior, spending most of my days making cups of tea and answering the phone, I tried to learn as much as I could about the business. I got promoted and developed an interest in marketing.

"Not only did it help me decide what career path I wanted to follow and develop my skills in business, but I built relationships with my employer and co-workers which proved to be invaluable when I decided to start my own business seven years later. In fact, my former boss is now my mentor and my ex-manager is one of my biggest clients!"

Testing the entrepreneurial waters by selling handmade jewellery online and running a catering company with a close friend, Rebecca picked up new skills in social media and search engine optimisation whilst working at a small public relations agency in Rotherham.

Added to the skills picked up at university and at work, and coupled with a desire to become an entrepreneur and run her own business, Rebecca successfully launched Infinity Digital, a digital marketing agency that brings together social media, content marketing and search engine optimisation to deliver tangible results.

Infinity Digital now works with a wide variety of businesses, from chartered surveyors and independent financial advisers to design agencies and film distributors.

One of the organisations to call on Rebecca's expertise is RYE, as it raises its profile online using social media to promote how it can help young people in the borough to develop business ideas and find suitable premises.

Jackie Frost, manager at Rotherham Youth Enterprise, said: "Rebecca's knowledge of social media has been invaluable for us. Not only for promoting what we do but also promoting some of the young businesses that we work with. Twitter is becoming a really useful tool, allowing us to join in the conversation about Rotherham, enterprise and entrepreneurship and engage with clients and potential clients in a visible way."

Rebecca concluded: "Since starting Infinity Digital, the business has gone from strength to strength. We're now working with close to 20 small and medium sized local companies to help them make the most of digital and social media to promote and grow their businesses."

Having developed an elearning course with TrainingPost.com, Rebecca plans to launch an online coaching programme that's designed specifically for young entrepreneurs later this year.

Infinity Digital website
Rotherham Youth Enterprise website

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