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News: Inditherm secure NHS neonatal contract


Rotherham-based Inditherm has secured an order for nine of its innovative LifeStart neonatal resuscitation units at a new Specialist Emergency Care Hospital in Northumbria.

Manvers-based Inditherm has developed products using low voltage carbon polymer technology to provide heat. Its systems are used for patients undergoing operations which carry risk of inadvertent hypothermia and in neonatal wards.

Launched by Inditherm at the 2013 Arab Health exhibition, LifeStart facilitates the delaying of the clamping and cutting of the umbilical cord following childbirth by providing resuscitation at a newborn baby's bedside.

A significant amount of clinical research has highlighted the benefits of delayed cord clamping (DCC) for a newborn baby but traditional resuscitation units are not suitable for use at the delivery bedside, thus requiring the umbilical cord to be cut to allow the baby to be treated.

Designed with guidance from a team of obstetricians and paediatricians, Inditherm's system has a compact design enabling it to deliver all the required functions close enough to the mother to permit the umbilical cord to be left intact for the critical first few minutes.

The new Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital (NSECH) in Cramlington, is set to open this month. Existing maternity services are being transferred from Wansbeck Hospital where senior clinical staff have already implemented the practice of delayed cord clamping wherever possible.

Following an evaluation of Inditherm's LifeStart system in the existing maternity unit, the team opted to equip all the high risk delivery rooms with new LifeStart systems, providing the best state-of-the-art facilities in this pioneering new specialist hospital.

DCC allows the new-born infant to continue to benefit from the continued supply of oxygenated placental blood until spontaneous breathing is established. This placental transfusion can account for 30% of the new-born's blood volume.

The National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE) recently updated its evidence-based advice on the care of women and their babies during labour and immediately after the birth which backs the use of the Inditherm system.

Other UK and US hospitals have equipped some of their delivery rooms with LifeStart but the Northumbria hospital is the first in the world to equip with LifeStart on this scale. The £90m development is run by Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and is the first purpose-built hospital of its kind in England.

Nick Bettles, chief executive at Inditherm, said: "In choosing LifeStart, NSECH are setting a new benchmark for maternity and neonatal care. We are very pleased that the trust recognises that resuscitation with the cord intact is now possible using the LifeStart system. We hope that as other centres see that LifeStart makes DCC practical for all patients, particularly those most at risk, they will follow the lead being set here.

"There is little doubt, given all the evidence of the benefits of delayed cord clamping, this gives the highest standard of care possible."

AIM-listed Inditherm is proposing the acquisition of Inspiration Healthcare Limited, a privately owned global medical device distribution company, allowing the medical business to grow with fewer constraints. The proposals are set to be approved at the company's general on June 23.

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