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News: SteelPhalt launch centre of excellence


Rotherham road surface specialist, Steelphalt, is taking its expertise worldwide with the launch of its new centre of excellence.

SteelPhalt has been developing and manufacturing high performance asphalt products for the UK road making industry since 1964, sourcing slag cost-effectively from the surrounding steel industry and providing a sustainable way of making asphalt, with at least 95% of the product the result of the recycling process.

The SteelPhalt Development Centre, based at the company's headquarters at Templeborough, is now analysing slag samples from around the world and creating new ways to take that raw material and transform it into safer road surfaces.

At the moment the team is working with companies as far afield as China, Australia, Brazil, India, Portugal and Belgium, with many other countries already expressing an interest in working with the SteelPhalt team.

Part of the Harsco group of companies, SteelPhalt has invested more than £100,000 in the project, which currently employs a specialist team of four and is expected to create more jobs as the centre’s reputation for excellence grows.

Dean Raynor, Commercial Manager at SteelPhalt, said: "We have installed the latest steam expansion tester which allows us to investigate slag samples for expansivity, but also have the capabilities to measure performance of skid resistance, strength, abrasiveness and absorbency, all the areas that go into making safer roads.

"From there we can then design create new mixes to suit the specific needs of the countries we are working with.

"For a country like China, with its massive industrial complexes, there are hundreds of tons of slag being generated and with our support some of that will go into created safer road surfaces.

"It is an environmentally friendly and cost efficient way of creating safer driving conditions and after more than 50 years of growth, SteelPhalt is deemed the world expert in the creation of asphalts for all road surfaces."

The company, which celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, has invested in laboratory facilities, a learning hub and new offices in recent years.

SteelPhalt surfaces, which are used across the region, have a high skid resistance and are also a key tool in increasing road safety in busy areas like the roads around schools and other high traffic volume sites.

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