Monday, February 15, 2016

News: Rotherham RBS call centre a "key site"


The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is preparing to cut 400 staff in its business division according to reports in a national newspaper - but a Rotherham call centre is set to be saved.

The Mail on Sunday reported that around 400 staff in its business division have been warned that the state-owned bank is cutting staff at local branches and is also replacing dozens of call centres with just four sites.

The RBS group moved their Lombard business across Rotherham to the state-of-the-art Cyan Building at Adwick Park in Manvers in 2007, relocating around 600 staff.

In 2010 RBS announced 3,500 job losses in the UK with the closure or withdrawal from 12 UK centres with a further three centres under review. It was also announced that the centre in Rotherham would be retained.

Now an RBS spokesperson told the press: "We are making changes within business banking to provide a simpler, more efficient and more customer-focused service based around the changing way our customers want to interact with us.

"As part of this programme we will be improving our telephone service by aligning our teams and bringing staff together at four key sites across the UK; creating a new team of business growth enablers to help support local businesses; and increasing the number of services available to customers online.

"Unfortunately, these changes will result in a number of job losses. We realise how difficult this news is for our staff and we will do everything we can to support those affected, including the retraining and redeployment of staff into new roles."

It was reported that "key sites" dedicated to improving the telephone service to customers will be based in Croydon, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Rotherham.

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