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News: Another first for Xeros


Innovative Rotherham company, Xeros, has introduced a new laundry management solution for the hotel industry that uses the patented polymer technology behind the first real revolution in laundry in 60 years.

Based on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP), Xeros is a Leeds University spin-out that has developed a patented system using a unique method of special polymer beads rather than the usual large amounts of fresh water to clean clothes.

Raising £70m by listing on the AIM stock exchange, Xeros is commercialising the system which uses at least 70% less water, up to 50% less energy and approximately 50% less detergent.

The Xeros business model is more about the deployment and servicing of the patented polymer beads than the machines themselves. Targeting the billion dollar US laundry market, Xeros utilises an increasing number of partners to sell the systems and both benefit from a monthly recurring revenue stream from services and sales of "Sbeadycare," the all-inclusive laundry management programme, to hotels, commercial and industrial laundries, dry cleaners, fitness clubs and spas.


Now Xeros has formally launched Sbeadycare XTEND, a first for the commercial laundry industry, combining the physical properties of a specifically designed polymer bead with bespoke digital programmes automatically downloaded to customers' washing machines. The beads used in this new application are manufactured in partnership with BASF.

This new laundry management solution helps extend the life of linens and also significantly reduces the number of items discarded by removing stains hitherto incapable of being removed in conventional washing machines. This results in a significant reduction in linen replacement costs for hotel customers.

Mark Nichols, chief executive of Xeros, said: "As noted at our interim results on 22 March, we have been accelerating the roll out of machine installations in our Commercial Laundry business, whilst simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction levels and further developing our supply chain.

"Xeros Sbeadycare XTEND will enable us to add further value to our hotel customers without any disruption to their operations. It is yet another example of using our technological expertise and understanding of our customers' requirements to deliver simultaneous improvements in cost, sustainability and quality."

Continuing to invest £1.9m in R&D, the group reported in its latest results, a loss after tax of £5.6m, widening from the £3.8m in 2014. Earned income increased to £744,000 in the five months ended December 31 2015 (prior period 2014: £95,000).

Its financial results for the five months to December 31 2015 showed that 56 commercial washing machines were installed during the period and the total installed passed the 200 mark in February.

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