Tuesday, May 17, 2016

News: New Metalysis partnership to aid commercialisation


Metalysis, the Rotherham-based additive manufacturing (AM) technology company, has announced a new partnership with K Home International, the Teesside-based engineering and design consultancy specialising in the primary metals industry.

Metalysis holds the worldwide exploitation rights to the FCC Cambridge process which sees specialist powder metals created in a simple, cost effective process with significant environmental benefits.

The company employs around 50 staff and is in the process of commercialising the technology to produce titanium, tantalum, and related high value alloys. These are used increasingly by major worldwide industries such as aerospace, marine, medical, chemical, automotive and electronics.

This new partnership paves the way for a significant scale-up in production of titanium powders.

Metalysis recently announced that it had secured £20m of new investment, with Iluka Resources and Woodford Patient Capital Trust injecting new funds into the expansion of the company’s production and development capabilities. Currently based at Manvers, Metalysis has recently had plans approved that will enable them to take on a prime 22,000 sq ft unit on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham.

K Home provides comprehensive world class engineering design solutions, from concept through to beneficial operation, for developers and operators of process and infrastructure projects.


Drawing on the experience of partnering on a number of assignments during recent years, K Home will help to expand the commercial implementation of Metalysis' current technologies, bringing skills and resources to enhance the design, building and operation of commercial production facilities.

The partners believe that the combination of Metalysis' technology and K Home's design and engineering skillbase represents a compelling proposition, which reduces the capital and operating expense, delivery schedule and program risk for investors and potential licensees currently facing ongoing turbulence in the commodities, natural resources and metals markets, while delivering innovative production solutions for metal powder consumers.

Metalysis has already worked on major development projects with aerospace experts, GKN and German car maker, VW. The investor and grant-backed Cambridge University spin out has set out plans for an initial public offering (IPO) to float on the stock exchange.

With K Home International working alongside, Metalysis' production technologies will be finessed and expanded to deliver tailored metal powder production for partners and customers. K Home also brings to bear experience in the primary aluminium smelting industry, where there is a potentially powerful opportunity for the Metalysis process.

The Metalysis technology, which produces metal powder directly from oxide using electrolysis, has the potential to significantly increase production volumes. The process uses less energy and also means that innovative alloys can be tailored to have the desired properties for specific applications.

Dion Vaughan, CEO of Metalysis, said: "This partnership represents a very exciting opportunity to bring together such immense, complementary expertise to expand and strengthen our production capacity. This combined experience, underpinned by a recent injection of investment, represents a powerful platform for growth, which will enable us to deliver greater volumes of product for our customers and support further innovation in new sectors going forward.

"It is also another example of the outstanding engineering skill, talent and capabilities in the north of England. We are looking forward to playing our part in building the capabilities and strength in our region further and supporting the ongoing development of the northern powerhouse."

Andrew Home, CEO of K Home International, added: "Bringing together our team with our partners at Metalysis represents a fantastic opportunity to build on the success of numerous projects that we have collectively delivered over the past few years. We hope that by working together we can drive Metalysis' patented techniques of metal production into new sectors and draw on our collective experience to expand our reach into new and broader international markets.

"Teesside and Yorkshire both have a track record in the development of pioneering technologies and engineering processes. We are very excited to be playing our role in continuing that tremendous tradition, and expanding the opportunities that we can offer our people and other highly skilled engineers in the region in the future."

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