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News: Countdown to clock in at Rotherham Hospice


In seven weeks' time, Rotherham Hospice hopes to have an entire town of "volunteers" clocking in.

The only adult hospice in Rotherham for the people of Rotherham, Rotherham Hospice is an independent charity and must raise significant sums of money each year in order to pay for the quality care provided free of charge to patients, their families and carers. The charity needs £5m a year with £2.2m needed to be raised each year through voluntary support.

It is calling on every company in Rotherham to Clock In For The Hospice on September 9 - its 20th anniversary. The workforce will be fundraising like never before in the hospice's 20-year history - with a £100,000 target to smash.

Staff can work in the virtual sense for the hospice - by donating a portion of that day's wages. The payroll-giving campaign could be the biggest fundraiser ever achieved by the town's centre of excellence in palliative care.

Companies throughout the borough are being urged to sign up.

Rotherham businessman Darren Baker (pictured, far left), said: "Sign your company up to the Clock In For The Hospice campaign on September 9 and you and your staff can work in the virtual sense for the hospice by donating a portion of that day's wages.

"This brilliant idea means people can dedicate a few hours - or even a whole day - to the hospice without having to step out of work."

Darren knows first-hand how effective - and easy to implement - the payroll-giving scheme is. Earlier this year his three businesses trialled the fundraising scheme - and raised £5,000 in a matter of hours.

All 30 of his staff at JB Doors at Parkgate and its sister companies, garage door manufacturer Alluguard and Wickersley's Olive Tree restaurant, got involved and gave up between two hours and a full day of pay. They raised a total of £2,500 and he matched the sum.

Darren added: "I couldn't believe how simple it was to raise such a large amount of money. The MDs, Gary Brooks and Andy Marshall, got right behind it, called our event Donate A Day For Cancer and gave every employee a sheet on which they could tick a box to donate one hour, two hours, half a day or a full day, or not take part at all. Not one person ticked the last box, which made me so proud."

Darren, a well-known charity supporter who over the last ten years has raised over £350,000 For Weston Park Cancer Charity by organising an annual black tie ball, added: "Every company in Rotherham should sign up to the Clock In campaign. It is an organisation every single one of us might need one day."

His call for support is echoed by hospice chief executive Christopher Duff (pictured, far right) who said: "People don't have to down tools and walk through our doors to be able to join our volunteers. All they have to do is donate some of their net September 9 earnings. Their employers give us the amount that would have been paid in tax and National Insurance."

Rotherham Hospice website

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