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News: Flexibility the key to success for Beatson Clark


Rotherham glass manufacturer Beatson Clark has showcased the flexibility of its range with a number of new contract wins.

The Greasborough Road firm, which has been making glass bottles and jars in Rotherham since 1751, specialises in providing glass packaging solutions for niche brands in the food, drink and pharmaceutical markets worldwide.

Midlothian-based Stewart Brewing worked together with Hawkshead Brewery in the Lake District to brew Margarita Gose, a strong 6% beer made using New Zealand hops and kaffir lime leaves.

Beatson Clark's standard amber 330ml Vichy bottle with a crown neck finish was chosen to give the beer a continental look on the shelf and to differentiate the beer from the two breweries' other products.

Bruce Smith, Head Brewer at Stewart Brewing, said: "We already use Beatson Clark bottles for our standard beers but we quite liked the idea of using something a bit more continental in appearance as it's a traditional German beer style, and the Vichy fitted the bill for that.

"Gose is an unusual style, but quite a lot of craft breweries are coming out with their own modern interpretation of it now.

"There's a lot of research involved and a bit of intuitive guesswork, but we got it right first time and went straight into production. It tastes pretty similar to the Margarita cocktail flavour that we were aiming for."


Boyne Brewhouse in Drogheda has been using Beatson Clark's 500ml amber tapered beer bottles since it started production at its new brewery in the Boyne Valley last November.

Now it has added embossing to the 500ml bottle to make it unique to the Boyne Brewhouse, and Beatson Clark has also created a bespoke 330ml version of the bottle with similar embossing.

Peter Cooney, export sales director at Na Cuana, which is the parent company of Boyne Brewhouse, said: "We liked the shape of Beatson Clark's stock bottle so we started using the Tapered Beer bottle before deciding to emboss that bottle in order to put our stamp on it.

"We then asked Beatson Clark for a 330ml bottle in the same shape with similar embossing. We currently use two plain Beatson Clark bottles for our Devil's Bit Mountain Cider and Four Keepers Craft Cider but we will soon be embossing these too, and more of our brands will follow suit in the future."

Hurns Brewing Company is adding unique embossing to a standard beer bottle for its Tomos Watkin brand of beers. Beatson Clark can customise standard bottles by having a name or logo embossed onto the finish moulds, which is more cost-effective than investing in a fully bespoke design.

This was an ideal option for the Swansea-based Hurns Brewing Company as it reduced the cost and meant the 500ml amber beer bottles would fit on their filling line with no adjustments required.

Lynn Sidebottom, sales and marketing director at Beatson Clark, said: "Our state-of-the-art sculpting software allows our designers to sculpt the embossing, giving it enhanced definition and making it easier to manufacture.

"We can create complex designs and replicate them perfectly in the finish moulds, which results in a quality and consistent production of the embossing."

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