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News: UK Bungee Club in record-breaking biscuit dunk


Symon Berry, a crew member of the Rotherham-based UK Bungee Club has entered the record books by performing the highest bungee dunk at a staggering 246 ft.

Established in 1992, the UK Bungee Club is the market leader for bungee jumping in the UK. From offices inside the Magna Science Adventure Centre, the team organises jumps from both fixed structures and cranes around the UK, including the world's highest indoor bungee jump - The Abyss @ Magna.

24-year-old Berry, a former pupil at Wales High School, is a thrill seeker and decided to attempt the highest bungee dunk ever – a title which saw the challenger throw himself from a platform at Bray Lake Watersports and aim a chocolate hobnob into a mug of Yorkshire Tea, just as the bungee rope reached full extension.

The UK Bungee Club and experience gift company, Experience Days, smashed the record with an incredible 73.41 metres (240 ft 10 in) bungee dunk, significantly bettering the previous record of 60.553 metres (198 ft 8 in) that was achieved by Ron Jones (USA) in 2013.


Symon had to jump over ten times in order to nail the perfect dunk of the biscuit into a mug of tea whilst still leaving it standing. Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Sofia Greenacre was on hand to officiate the extreme challenge and was thrilled to announce it a slam-dunking success.

A spokesperson for the UK Bungee Club, said: "We were delighted to facilitate a bungee jump for Experience Days for the Guinness World Record of the highest dunk.

"Tea dunking is a very popular British past time and is loved by all, but we took this to a whole new level!"

Posting on Facebook, Symon said: "It's now official! I have the world record for highest bungee dunk! Falling 73 meters and dunking a biscuit into a cup of tea was fricking awesome!"

UK Bungee are not ones to shy away from a challenge. In 2015 they were asked to help 73 year old daredevil Ray Woodcock take on a record breaking 500 ft water touch to promote EE's new Action Cam. This came after they helped him smash the Guiness World Record for the Highest Bungee Jump into Water (400ft) in 2013.

In 2008, the UK Bungee Club were responsible for facilitating the successful world record attempt for the highest human catapult, sending Ben Shephard 54.25 m (178 ft) into the air.

UK Bungee Club website

Images: Guinness World Records


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