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News: Apprenticeship joy for Sheffield city region


The Sheffield city region (SCR) trained over 20,000 apprentices in the 2014/15 academic year, more than areas across the rest of England apart from London and the South East.

For the first time the figures are outlined in the latest Labour Market Intelligence 2016 report produced by the SCR for National Apprenticeship Week.

The ground-breaking report has been compiled to help the SCR and the providers of specialist training decide how to create 70,000 jobs by 2023, the target set in its Strategic Economic Plan.

Nigel Brewster, Vice Chair of the SCR Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and Chair of its Skills, Employment and Education Board, said: "These figures are very pleasing. The Labour Market Intelligence Report helps us see very clearly where the skills gaps are for employers and where opportunities and issues exist.

"The SCR's role is to create a business-friendly environment which will attract investment into the region and grow the businesses which are already here. A strategic supply of skilled workers is an essential part of this."


With, 21,400 apprentices starting training in 2014 / 15 academic year, this placed the Sheffield city region as 6th LEP area for number of starts and 7th LEP for starts per capita. 22,300 started apprenticeships in 2011 / 12, 20,600 in 12/13 and 18,700 in 13/14.

In Rotherham, 3,780 apprenticeship starts were recorded for 11/12, 3,410 in 12/13, 3,140 in 13/14, 3,630 in 14/15 and 3,690 in 15/16.

The report also showed that the most popular sectors for apprenticeships are Business, Retail, Engineering & Manufacturing and Health Care. It highlighted that numbers of apprenticeships in Construction have been declining since 2011/12 and numbers are low in this sector.

Furthermore, only 3.5% of all apprenticeships are at a Higher Level and worryingly there is a significant BAME under-representation.

The report also brought together a number of skills surveys which showed that 18% of employers had offered apprenticeships compared to the average for England of 15%. 41% of local employers stated an intention to offer apprenticeships in the future, again ahead of the average for England which is 35%.

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