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News: Xeros aiming to make noise in the laundry market with Symphony Project


Rotherham company, Xeros, has announced a new project which could see its revolution in laundry brought to market by leading manufacturers.

Based on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP), Xeros is a Leeds University spin-out that has developed a patented system using a unique method of special polymer beads rather than the usual large amounts of fresh water to clean clothes. Water is replaced with millions of reusable polymer beads, typically reducing water use by 75% when compared to a traditional laundry machine.

Last week, the AIM-listed firm announced the Symphony Project, which provides manufacturers of conventional commercial washing machines with "open source" access to Xeros' innovative polymer technology.

It also announced that a fourth prototype is in development which targets simple changes for the incorporation of Xeros' technology within any domestic washing machine.

Xeros has developed a simple retrofit pedestal that integrates the polymer bead cleaning system into conventional machinery causing minimal disruption to the manufacturing process. The pedestal, which is compatible with nearly any size or brand of conventional commercial washing machine, can be integrated through a relatively simple process at the end of a manufacturer's production line. This provides a gateway for the incorporation of Xeros' technology into any commercial washing machine.


As it commercialises the technology, the first major target was the billion dollar US laundry market. Developing its own machines that can disperse the beads and collect them after the wash, the number of commissioned machines has grown by 140 to 267, with another 150 in the pipeline.

Through the Symphony Project washing machine manufacturers will be able to sell their own-branded products into the market place as well as receiving a share in the long-term savings that the Xeros technology delivers. With distribution, services and aftercare, Xeros will raise revenue through the beads, which can be used hundreds of times before being recycled.

Jonathan Benjamin, global president of Xeros Cleaning Technologies, said: "Xeros' success as illustrated by growing demand and positive customer feedback reinforces our commitment to making laundry more sustainable. However, the universal availability of fresh water and carbon emissions are critical issues for our planet and we know we can't address these issues alone.

"The Symphony Project enables the laundry industry to join a broader conversation about sustainability in an open, collaborative way and take great strides beyond what we are currently doing. The invitation to participate is for the entire industry from washing machine brands, to laundry room operators, to water and energy suppliers, to others."
The Symphony Project integrates with a partner product development team to provide prototyping and engineering resources to reduce the new product development timeline and accelerate the time to market for the partner brand.

Xeros also said that researchers: "continue to actively work on bringing Xeros' technology to the home and we have developed three further domestic washing machine prototypes. The latest design is planned to be very simple to manufacture, service and operate. As a result, we believe that it has the potential to substantially reduce the barriers to bringing the sustainability and economic benefits of Xeros' technology to the consumer cleaning market."

Xeros website

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