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News: Harworth and the Steel Man


Harworth Group plc, one of the largest property and regeneration companies in the North of England, has joined a growing list of private sector companies backing the delivery of The Steel Man, one of the UK's biggest landmark sculpture projects.

The 32 metre stainless steel sculpture and Interpretation Hub will stand on a former landfill site overlooking the M1 between Rotherham and Sheffield.

£4.2m is required to deliver this crucial new landmark for Yorkshire, with Harworth joining a number of high profile companies that are backing the programme with materials, expertise and financial contributions.

The Heritage Lottery Fund also recognise the importance of the project and are financially supporting the building of a £1m Interpretation Hub which will sit alongside the sculpture. Public donations have helped boost the overall target and further donations are being sought to accelerate how quickly work can begin on-site.

Plans were approved conditionally in 2012 for the art installation based on work by local sculptor Steve Mehdi, on a former land fill site at Kimberworth in Rotherham.

The sculpture alone will weigh over 100 tonnes, and be 50% bigger than the Angel of the North. It aims to honour the people and the places that forged a lasting legacy as well as highlighting the new technologies and specialised manufacturing helping to transform the region.


Harworth Group plc, the masterplanner and developer behind Waverley – Yorkshire's largest ever brownfield development - saw an opportunity to add their name and expertise to the project. A scale model of the iconic man has been on display at the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) at Waverley, where the team developing the project has an office.

Owen Michaelson, CEO of Harworth plc, said: "We are delighted to support the vision of creating The Steel Man which will become an iconic part of our landscape and a true testament to the industries which built our region. The landmark will also represent the new skills in advanced manufacturing which are driving the 21st Century economy of our region. We are happy to provide seed funding to support making this happen."

Steve Mehdi, project director of The Steel Man, welcomed Harworth Group plc's decision to join the Team of Steel helping to deliver the project. He said: "Harworth Group have a great reputation for enhancing local communities and strengthening the bond between private sector and public sector partnerships and their expertise will undoubtedly help us to achieve the best outcome for The Steel Man."

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