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News: Rotherham roads in line for funding as part of Major Road Network


A focus on key A roads to boost the economy across the country has been outlined by the Government and important roads that crisscross the Rotherham borough have been included in initial proposals for the "Major Road Network."

The Government recognises that delivering its industrial strategy needs transport investment to connect people and businesses, and to move goods efficiently to their market.

Consultation has been launched that proposes that 5,000 miles of A road - over 20 times the length of the UK's longest motorway - are brought into scope for new funding from the National Roads Fund for upgrades and improvements.

Millions have been set aside already and upgrade schemes which could be considered includes bypasses, missing links, road widening, major junction improvements the use of technological and safety enhancements along stretches of the network.

An indicative map how the Government expects a future MRN to look has been published with the consultation.

Rotherham roads that could be in line for improvements are: the A57 which connects to the M1 at Junction 31; the A631 between J33 of the M1 and J1 of the M18; and the Parkway to the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) and Sheffield.

The A630, which includes the stretch of Centenary Way around the town centre, is in the proposals and busy A roads to the north of the borough - the A6123 and A633 - are also included.


Under the proposals in the consultation, each successful bid will be eligible for up to £100m of Government funding under the proposals and will help cut congestion, unlock housing and boost economic growth.

The proposals follow on from the way the Strategic Road Network is funded - through successive five-year programmes. Recent related Government-funded projects in the area include the work to convert the M1 into a smart motorway.

For A roads, Rotherham Council has previously secured Government funds for improvement schemes at Todwick crossroads, Pool Green roundabout and College Road roundabout.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said: "For decades, these major local roads have been underfunded and not properly maintained. We are spending record amounts on improving our roads and we want more of our busiest roads to benefit from guaranteed investment.

"This will unlock no end of benefits for communities by improving motorists' journeys, taking traffic away from built up areas, as well as enabling new housing to be built and creating jobs."

Under the proposals, road upgrades will be developed by councils and, where possible, sub-national transport bodies - a regional body which influences funding decisions such as Transport for the North (TfN) - meaning they will be designed by the areas to deliver the best solutions for their roads.

Transport for the North launches a consultation on its own new draft Strategic Transport Plan later this month.

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