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News: AESSEAL increases pipeline of apprentices


Innovative Rotherham manufacturer AESSEAL has announced that it is increasing its apprentice intake for 2018 to 40 places.

With its global headquarters at Templeborough, the award-winning company manufactures mechanical seals for a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, food, water, mining and pharmaceuticals.

Having had an active apprenticeship programme for many years, a high bias has been on recruiting apprenticeships for machining. For the 2018 intake, the company has decided to recruit 12 apprentices for its machine shop, but a further 28 people in other support roles.

The company's ethos is based around providing such exceptional service to customers that they need never consider alternative sources of supply.

Apprenticeships will be offered in Computer Aided Manufacturing, reliability, marketing, design, HR, business assurance, sales, the stores function, IT, the Test House, the purchasing function, the systems division, the commercial department and other internal functions at its Rotherham facilities.

At the end of the apprenticeship the successful applicants, depending on the area they hold their apprenticeship in, will be expected to achieve Engineering Technician level, or an NVQ in, for example, Marketing or Sales. Other qualifications might include BTech in Business Administration, Certificate in Warehousing and Storage, or Infrastructure Technician (IT).


Group turnover rose to £170.6m in the year to December 31 2017 as the group benefits from the weakness of the pound. Organic sales growth was 6.75% on the previous year when adjusted for acquisitions and currency fluctuations.

Group net assets rose to £103.5m, a rise of 14.2% from 2016, and the group held a positive cash balance of £17.4m at year end, after increasing capital expenditure – which included investment of £6.8m in additional 9 and 11 axis machining capacity.

The company has continued to grow with May 2018 proving to be a record month with sales of over £16.25m.

Julia Bloomer, head of learning development at AESSEAL, said: "It is our intention to have a very significant apprentice intake, for all areas of the business, including our traditional manufacturing apprenticeships.

"We fully intend to ensure that all of our apprentice intake is given the opportunity to study appropriate qualifications. Mentors have been interviewed and selected for all areas of the business for which apprenticeships have been approved. The business is therefore confident that the apprenticeships will work both for the successful candidates and for the need of a growing organisation to hire even more great people."

AESSEAL apprentice Amber Nicholson has recently been named Apprentice of the Year in the Derby College Peak Awards. Amber is a Level 3 mechanical engineering apprentice at the AESSEAL International Seal Repair Centre in Derby and was named Apprentice of the Year in the East Midlands Enterprising Women Awards in March.

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