Monday, July 16, 2018

News: Rig contract boosts Tan Delta's order pipeline


Innovative Rotherham firm, Tan Delta, has entered an agreement with one of the world's leading manufacturers of fracking rigs to supply oil condition monitoring sensors.

Based in Dinnington, Tan Delta Systems is the world leader in real-time oil condition monitoring solutions, designing and manufacturing state of the art oil quality sensors and associated products that are used in the heavy engineering sector to reduce downtime and waste.

The sensors are being used to monitor and report the real-time oil condition in the engine, gearbox and pump of each rig, and will provide the local operators with a clear and accurate continuous statement of oil condition, as well as instant alerts in the event of unexpected contamination or wear. This will enable the operators to detect any problems before equipment damage and significantly improve maintenance scheduling with the ultimate result of reduced operating costs and improved reliability.

Chris Greenwood, CEO at Tan Delta, said: "Our unique FSHTM oil condition monitoring technology will enable these fracking rigs to operate more reliably and at a lower long term cost. We have delivered a turn-key solution that the manufacturer can easily implement within their existing manufacturing processes and will deliver a significant competitive advantage in their market."

The company describes the contract as "significant."

Previously based in the AMP Technology Centre on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP), Tan Delta uses patented technology to design, develop and manufacture a range of highly accurate oil and fuel condition monitoring products that are used in a range of critical plant equipment, from engines and gearboxes to pumps, compressors and hydraulic systems. The sensors detect any damage being caused to the oil by checking all of the most common wear mechanisms in real time.


The firm recently launched the OQSx Ex II real-time oil condition monitoring sensor which is ATEX Zone 2 certified to enable deployment on equipment operating in hazardous areas.

Greenwood added: "Tan Delta is a technology driven company and this innovation is another world first. We are the first and only company to develop technology that enables truly complete oil condition monitoring in real time, and now we are the first to produce an ATEX certified sensor solution.

"The OQSx Ex II opens new possibilities for our customers to increase their profits through the intelligent application of advanced oil condition monitoring."

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