Monday, January 21, 2019

News: Gala Technology partner with Cardstream


Cardstream, the UK's largest independent provider of white label payment software and services, has collaborated with Rotherham-based Gala Technology, a card data protection solutions provider, on preventing chargeback fraud.

Manvers-based Gala Technology has invested in the development of SOTpay, a unique payment transfer system which uses a series of rigorous card and customer checks to prevent fraudulent transactions from taking place.

Cardstream will integrate Gala's SOTpay technology into its Merchant Management System used by reseller partners and merchants.

SOTpay is designed to secure mobile payments by directly sending a link to the cardholder via email or text. The software enables merchants to check the payment process step-by-step in real-time.


Adam Sharpe, CEO of Cardstream, said: "SOTpay ensures that our partners' merchants have full visibility of every MOTO transaction and an audit trail live on their screens that will further protect them against the growing threat of what has come to be known unacceptably as "friendly fraud.""

Jason Mace, chairman of Gala Technology, added: "SOTpay is a smart, secure and innovative payment platform that enhances the security of telephone payments. Placing SOTpay's niche technology in front of Cardstream's global network of merchants is set to bring them major relief from exploitation of the chargeback system."

As part of the partnership, Gala developers will have access to Cardstream's one-click API that enables optimised online payment for its merchants and consumers.

Sharpe added: "As is often the way in the Cardstream ecosystem, SOTpay originally became a partner to use our white label payment gateway solution. Now we've added the option of their service for all our partners' merchants."

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