Monday, September 9, 2019

News: CityFibre progresses plans for Rotherham


The second phase of rollouts extending CityFibre's Gigabit City programme includes Rotherham and can create full fibre running all the way into the borough's properties.

The leading designer, builder, owner, and operator of fibre optic infrastructure in UK towns and cities provides an alternative to BT Openreach.

Rotherham is one of 12 new regions that join alongside the 12 cities already announced, and form the next phase in CityFibre's £2.5bn investment plan to bring competitive full fibre infrastructure to at least five million homes, more than 20% of the UK market.

CityFibre has commenced network design and is already investing in each location, extending its existing full fibre spine infrastructure serving schools, hospitals and council offices, to reach nearly every home and business.

A planning application has been submitted to convert an empty business unit in Masbrough into a data centre for CityFibre.


Each Gigabit City design will include enough fibre capacity to serve the bandwidth demands of all market verticals far into the future. The networks, which are designed to be ready for 5G small cell densification, also provide a platform to realise Smart City ambitions.

Greg Mesch, CEO at CityFibre, said: "CityFibre's sole purpose is to deliver the future-proof digital infrastructure the UK deserves. With a new Prime Minister set to increase government's ambitions for the pace of full fibre rollout, we are delighted to welcome another 14 towns and cities to our Gigabit City Club. These Gigabit Cities will not only gain new full fibre networks that will spark their digital transformation, but also unleash the benefits that only competitive infrastructure investment can bring.

"Our rollout to five million homes is gathering momentum. We have now confirmed 26 locations and over two million homes in our programme. We are investing, we are building, and we are connecting customers to networks of the future."

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