Thursday, September 5, 2019

News: EA provides update on Rotherham tip reopening


Grange Landfill Limited is due to start preparation works this week relating to its permit to dump waste on Droppingwell, Rotherham, according to the Environment Agency (EA).

When landfilling operations ceased at the site, the planning permission and environmental permit allowing landfilling activity in January 1978 remained in place. The EA granted a permit variation in 2016 which allows for 150,000 tonnes of inert waste to be imported, and 55,000 tonnes of waste for restoration, each year.

The operator, Grange Landfill Limited, is required under the conditions of the environmental permit, to install engineered infrastructure to meet the requirements of the permit to ensure that the proposed landfill activity at this site will not impact on the local environment.

Opponents, who gathered on site this morning, have raised concerns regarding traffic, noise and other impacts on the local area which has changed since the original plans were approved in the 1950s.

Sarah Champion, MP for Rotherham, raised the issue in Parliament after EA said that Grange Landfill had met all pre-operational conditions.


The latest update from EA states: "We advised in June 2019 that Grange Landfill Limited, would within 18 months, commence work to prepare the site before any installation work or major engineering infrastructure work commences.

"We have now received further notification from Grange Landfill Limited of their intention to commence the preparatory works on 4 September 2019. Initially these works will involve installing haul roads around the site and constructing a site office and secure compound. Further works to engineer a surface water system and an impermeable clay barrier to protect groundwater will follow.

"It is likely that staff, plant and machinery will be on site from 4 September 2019.

"No waste disposal activities are to commence until our Officers are fully satisfied that the landfill infrastructure has been engineered to the relevant standards. Grange Landfill Limited have not yet indicated a timescale for the completion of all preparatory works."

Local Cllr. Maggi Clark, said: "It is deeply disappointing that the Environmental Agency has allowed it to progress this far, when there are still many outstanding concerns."

Images: Rotherham Labour / twitter


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