Thursday, October 3, 2019

News: Free electric charging at car parks in Rotherham


Electric car owners will be able to charge their vehicles for free at all Rotherham Council owned charging points for the next six months.

Through a series of central Government grants, and as part of its work to improve air quality, the authority has been introducing electric vehicle charging points across the borough since 2015.

The charging points are operated by NewMotion, and users will usually require a membership charge card or smartphone app to operate them. However to encourage early users of the new charging points, the council is making charging available for free until the end of the current financial year. Parking charges will still apply in the car parks where these are required.

Rotherham Council is currently consulting on policies that would see every new home and workplace in the borough with space for parking required to provide electric vehicle charging points. Plans for a Clean Air Zone are also progressing.


Cllr. Denise Lelliott, Rotherham Council's Cabinet Member for Jobs & the Local Economy, said: "There are many benefits to owning an electric car including lower running costs and no road tax. The introduction of more charging points across the borough will make it easier to charge your vehicle in the future, with the added benefit of free charging until March 2020.

"The charging points are part of the Council's continued investment into our communities, and supports our ongoing commitment to reduce emissions. Electric cars are more sustainable and less polluting alternative, particularly compared with diesel cars."

Dean Fielding, an electric car owner from Laughton, Rotherham, said: "Electric cars are definitely the future, it's here now. If you're looking to get an electric car, I'd say do your research, watch Youtube videos such as Fully Charged Show and Who killed The Electric Car which are really good. The more you find out the more you realise it's a great idea to invest in an electric vehicle, especially as batteries are so good now.

"There are more charging points than filling stations so it is getting easier to own an electric car. They're more affordable, cheaper to run, more convenient and better than you think."

Council car parks include Drummond Street amd Wellgate Multi Storey in the town centre, Clifton park Museum and at Rother Valley Country Park.

RMBC website

Images: NewMotion


Anonymous,  October 8, 2019 at 10:26 AM  

" is getting easier to own an electric car. They're more affordable, cheaper to run, more convenient and better than you think." Yet they are more expensive to buy and if you live on a street with no off-street parking, where are you going to charge the car?

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