Tuesday, October 15, 2019

News: Rotherham students get their design fix


University Centre Rotherham Graphic Design students have been tasked with an exciting project by a successful graduate and founder of The Design Fix.

Graduate Amy Kilner visited the £12m town centre campus and met with foundation degree students to share her experiences of working as a creative lead at design agency, Hotshot. She is also the founder of The Design Fix – an online community of over 50,000 followers using the hashtag #thedesignfix to highlight how creativity inspires them as designers. The hashtag has been used 150,000 times so far whilst The Design Fix has been featured across blogs and stories 2,000 times.

Amy studied a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Graphic Design Communication Design (Top-up) at University Centre Rotherham and completed her course in summer 2019.

A brief was provided by Amy to the students on The Design Fix-led project titled Positive Creativity. This project is aimed at highlighting the benefits of online users sharing their work digitally and via social media, with wide-ranging opportunities such as references, constructive feedback, networking and the possibility of beginning new adventures and journeys for the budding Graphic Design students.

Tasked with creating artwork which communicates positive aspects of sharing work online, the Graphic Design students have been provided free reign to use their creativity in crafting exciting and relevant visuals.

As part of The Design Fix's participation in student award series The NeXt Big Thing Awards, the chosen finalists will be shared across all of The Design Fix's platforms for its thriving online community to see and share their thoughts on. Three finalists will receive a one year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.


Amy said: "The whole idea is for the students to use their creative expression to highlight how to use social media in a positive light – especially when sharing work.

"You have to like what you do otherwise there's no point; that's why the learners have chosen this course and this project is a good outlet for them to share their passion."

Graphic Design Foundation Degree Year 2 student Jack Reavey was one of the class of University Centre Rotherham students Amy provided the project brief to.

Jack said: "The project is an advertising campaign celebrating positivity in creativity and encourages people to post on social media whom may have previously not wanted to in fear of negative comments. It seems a good idea for people to engage with social media and put their work out there – there are decent people online who may pick up on this.

"I want to approach this with typography. Words just behave all the time! They're versatile and never get grainy. I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do."

Graphic Design Lecturer Tracy Gelder was present for the project brief and previously taught Amy when she was an aspiring Graphic Design student.

Tracy said: "For our students, this year is all about design work with work-based employers. The students now have the liberty to work with live clients. For example, Amy's visit is a wonderful opportunity for them to ask questions and delve in to how things are changing in the workplace.

"It's a brilliant chance for them to get ready to hit the ground running when out in the wider world."

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