Tuesday, March 10, 2020

News: Rotherham Council wants to buy a pub


Rotherham Council is getting a round to buying a former pub which it believes will help in the implementation of the town centre masterplan.

But music fans reminiscing over rock nights of yesteryear have little reason to cheer - the building is already earmarked for demolition.

Rotherham College acquired the leasehold in 2014 and converted the pub, previously the Charter Arms, for educational use. The building is part of the markets complex, right next door to the college's town centre campus,

Now part of the RNN Group, the 4,300 sq ft building is deemed surplus to requirements following the completion of the £10.5m University Centre (UCR), also in the town centre.


RNN holds the remaining 55 years of the lease and is paying an annual rent to the Council which already owns the freehold interest. RNN has placed the building back onto the market and Rotherham Council's cabinet is now being asked to give their approval to enable officers to acquire the leasehold.

The Council paper states: "Completing this acquisition is viewed as an important step in progressing with the delivery of the Markets redevelopment as part of the implementation of the Town Centre Masterplan, building on the significant progress over recent years on a range of projects."

Financial details of the proposed acquisition have not been disclosed as they are considered commercially sensitive.

The plot is seen as key to the regeneration of the markets complex and Rothbiz recently reported that the aims for the redevelopment include the relocation of the Central Library, a Community Hub and Food/Entertainment Court.

The paper adds: "The building has no architectural merit and acts as a barrier to Eastwood Lane.

"The building is identified for demolition in the Town Centre Masterplan which was adopted in 2017. The location has further been identified for high-quality public realm introduced as a place for users of the redeveloped markets. This also includes RNN's students and the public to use as a social space to meet, eat and relax. Therefore, the proposal would be to acquire and immediately demolish as part of the proposed Markets redevelopment.

"This will also introduce an element of greenery including trees and planting, dramatically improving what is currently a bleak and uninspiring vista. This is intended to open up that elevation, in particular to RNN College and Clifton Park visitors. In addition, a higher-quality elevation would act as a further gateway into the Town Centre."

The masterplan talked of creating an area of new public space called "college fields" between the market and college campus. The markets redevelopment is scheduled for Summer 2021.

Images: Google Maps / RMBC


Mr me March 10, 2020 at 4:52 PM  

Seems RMBC as a obsession with creating what they term "green spaces" town centres are supposed to be there for leisure and shops and apartments, not grass and trees where local alcos and druggies can congrigate. And dose Rotherham centre need any green spaces, its god clifton Park virtually in town centre GET THINGS BUILT PEOPLE WANT RMBC!!!

samuel March 11, 2020 at 4:18 PM  

I certainly want more green spaces in Rotherham! Town centres are not what they used to be and why not try to make the town a bit more beautiful and more inspiring for everybody. To the poster above you wholly underestimate what the difference a few flowers and trees make to the feeling of a place. What exactly is it you think people want if not a nice environment around them?

Anonymous,  March 12, 2020 at 11:11 AM  

Minster Gardens is great. The more green space, the better I say.

Anonymous,  March 12, 2020 at 4:57 PM  

RMBC wasting tax payers money again as normal ( i need a new shed roof i was promised off you lot but i can't have it cos you have no money according to the guy who says yes to doing the jobs he needs firing and you will have more money. why don't you do the town up to get more people in as your always moaning there is not enough people coming in to town no wonder it's a dump i hate coming to Rotherham so why don't all you top people get together and decide to do something better with tax payers money cos at the minute your all a big disgrace. green space what's that going to do

i was recently in Exeter that was lovely nice clean and just a lovely place as they have put money in to doing it up and they have done it up well.

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