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News: Mears on its social value in Rotherham


Mears, the UK's market-leading housing and care company, is leading by example when it comes to social value in Rotherham.

For over ten years, Mears has been the main contractor delivering services in the north of the borough as part of a multimillion pound repairs and maintenance service contract on behalf of Rotherham Council.

The authority and wider partners have signed up to a social value charter for Rotherham which has the aims of increasing local spend, SME and voluntary sector spend, the number of apprenticeships in the borough and the number of employers paying the living wage.

Andrew Chambers, general manager at Mears, explained that his company "doesn’t believe in lip service and leads by example."

Chambers said: "We work in close partnership with our client and have several partnership projects that have a broad positive impact on many lives both directly and indirectly. This could range from aesthetically improving a communal space to giving isolated older people a Christmas lunch.

"We also do a lot of work that focuses on training and helping people find employment through the Local Employment Activity Forum (LEAF) or helping guide children on to the right career path.

"We have taken an active part in developing the Women in Trades toolkits for schools and in shaping the future for women into construction.

"It makes us proud to know that we will have helped many people get on the employment ladder or given them direction in their careers."

During the Covid pandemic, Mears was able to host the LEAF event virtually as well as conduct several online work experience training sessions for the young people in Rotherham.

Mears opened a national training academy in Rotherham in 2016. 49 young people have taken up training opportunities since 2010 with a completion success rate of 81% - 40 young people with a recognised qualification and work experience.

Mears also offers two volunteering days a year to staff who can also get support from the Mears Foundation, the independent charitable arm of the group.

Chambers added: "Everyone of us in the branch believes that giving back to our communities and making a positive difference is the right thing to do.

“I am very proud of my local community and its people and will always take the opportunity to promote pride in Rotherham wherever and whenever I can.

“For us in Rotherham, we will continue our work in the community and help promote a borough where people can grow, flourish and prosper.”

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