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News: Bid for further funding for Rotherham town centre regeneration


Rotherham Council is hoping to use the Government's Levelling Up Fund to complement and add value to the investment from the £12.6m Future High Street Fund award and the £31.6m secured via the Towns Fund.

The authority has submitted three bids to the Government's £4 billion competitive fund that will invest in infrastructure that improves everyday life across the UK.

The town centre bid aims to continue the regeneration focusing on two key areas, the Riverside Residential Quarter (an £18.7m project) and the Leisure and Culture Quarter (a £19.5m project).

The Riverside masterplan focuses on the creation of a new mixed-use community, bringing footfall and activity 24 hours a day. This includes a major drive to repopulate this area and to address longstanding vacant buildings. The first phase of the residential project is being delivered bringing 171 new homes into the town centre.

If successful, £11m from the Levelling Up Fund will provide a new pedestrian bridge across the river between the new residential development and Guest & Chrimes and New York Stadium, the route of this bridge will culminate in new public realm at the end of Water Lane close to where new housing is being built on the site of the former Sheffield Road swimming baths. A Riverside Walk will also be developed to open up the River to the new residents and people walking into the town.

A land assembly strategy would also see the Council taking ownership of further sites within the town centre to continue its regeneration.

The Town Investment Plan, which helped to secure £31.6m from the Government's Towns Fund includes a project to regenerate the Guest & Chrimes heritage site to provide attractive public spaces and leisure facilities.

In the Culture and Leisure Quarter plans for the diversification of the town centre’s offer focus around bringing in new leisure and cultural uses. Forge Island is the first phase in the delivery of this new offer and a longstanding regeneration ambition.

If successful, £8.5m from the Levelling Up Fund will contribute to this by supporting enabling works such as the completion of flood defences in the form of the Canal Barrier, and continuing the River Walk, creating a key pedestrian gateway to the development.

The developments are linked by the road and river to the east and west of the sites. Money will be used to create a Riverside Walk along the length of the river. Additionally, highway and public realm improvements will improve the quality and safety of the environment for pedestrians and cyclists along Corporation Street.

Rotherham MP Sarah Champion said: "The Levelling Up Fund is an opportunity to bring investment into our town and support our local communities. RMBC staff have produced a strong bid and I know that they have worked incredibly hard developing the bid at very short notice.

"I hope that the bid will be successful and that this money will be put to good use improving our communities and developing the local economy."

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SpaceCaptain1999,  July 22, 2021 at 3:56 PM  

Rotherham Council are a laughing stock. How many masterplans do they need to realise Rotherham will never be what the Council want it to be, as they are the problem. Once they grasp this simple concept, that they have decimated the town over a sustained and prolonged period - with failed initiatives and failed policies, then, and only then can Rotherham move forward. A back to basics approach is needed, without another masterplan filled with corporate speak and political correctness. Asking the local populace what they need would be a starting point, not blindly following their own flawed, personally driven egotistical agenda.

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