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News: Bright future for Bright Stars


Two enterprising teachers are creating an engaging and educational play space for babies and toddlers in Rotherham - combining a wealth of educational experience with newly learnt skills around starting a new business.

Bright Stars Play Space, which is located at Parkgate, Rotherham, offers a variety of classes including baby massage, yoga, early literacy and numeracy based sessions and sensory play. Converting an office unit into a welcoming play space, areas for the classes have been combined with a comfy area for parents to relax and have a drink.

The idea for Bright Stars Play Space was created over a cup of tea in the kitchen of one of the founders. Molly Doran and Caroline Austen have been teachers for over 15 years and after having their own children felt they could offer parents a warm, inviting space where they could bring their children for fun and educational sessions.

The play space is set to open on September 6, with classes scheduled Monday to Saturday.

Caroline has been teaching and leading in primary and special schools for 16 years across Rotherham and Doncaster. During this time she has developed a knowledge of how to best engage children to develop their learning.

Molly's leadership position in primary has allowed her to see a variety of techniques, teaching styles and approaches to learning. This knowledge has allowed her to handpick the best methods and practices in early education and beyond.

Caroline Austen, founder of Bright Stars Play Space, said: "I first did massage with my daughter when she was a baby. It was really enjoyable and a really good bonding experience. It was calming for us both and Emily used to sleep really well afterwards. Yoga sessions include a mix of yoga-inspired moves and gentle yoga stretches for adults too - its relaxing, helps to tone muscles and develop body awareness in a really fun way."

Something different are the educational sessions.

Caroline added: "All of our sessions have been planned to engage babies and toddlers and also meet different early learning goals. We have developed fun ways of learning new skills for children before they start school, based on games, songs and activities. It provides them with an opportunity to spend some time in a learning environment with other children of the same age, which has been something they've missed out on for a long time.

"As we are both teachers, parents can ask us anything about learning goals and ways of supporting learning in the home."

The entrepreneurs have received start-up support via RiDO - the regeneration arm of Rotherham Council - taking part in masterclasses and workshops on things like business planning, marketing and promotion, social media, online business and e-commerce, photography and video creation and the legal and financial aspects of running a business.

Darren McDool, New Business Developer at RiDO, said: "All you need is an idea. Most of the people we support have developed skills and knowledge in the workplace and now want to turn that into their own business. Others have decided to have a complete career change, often turning a special talent or passion into a business."

Bright Stars Play Space website
RiDO website

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Anonymous,  August 9, 2021 at 1:35 PM  

We are really looking forward to our first massage session. Good luck in your venture.

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