Tuesday, October 19, 2021

News: SteelPhalt opens new asphalt plant in Rotherham


Rotherham-based SteelPhalt has opened new asphalt plants for the first time in sixty years.

The new plants, located in Cardiff and an additional plant at the existing Rotherham facility, manufacture sustainable asphalt products using 95% recycled aggregates. This manufacturing process has a carbon footprint that is 40% less than the asphalt manufacturing process that uses natural aggregate.

SteelPhalt - part of the Harsco group of companies - has been developing and manufacturing high performance asphalt products for the UK road making industry since the 1960s. Its extensive Rotherham facility is at Templeborough.

Martin Gray, managing director of SteelPhalt, said: "We are able to provide an innovative approach to quality management of slag by transforming it into a high-quality material that can be used in asphalt products. Using our technical and operational expertise we have designed products to harness the unique properties of slag to provide asphalt products that are not only reducing the need for quarried aggregate, but also providing a more durable and safer road surface."

The new plant in Rotherham will be located on the same site as SteelPhalt’s existing Rotherham plant, which is the busiest independent asphalt plant in the UK. The opening of an additional plant on the site will allow for an increase in service and product offering as demand for more sustainable asphalt products increases.

Gray added: "Opening these additional plants offers Harsco another resource for the handling of slag from our steel mill customers while also responding to the ever-increasing demand to be more sustainable and mindful of our impact in everything we do. SteelPhalt offers a solution that is beneficial for our steel mill customers, asphalt customers and the environment."

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