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News: PSPO to continue in Eastwood


Powers to address anti-social behaviour (ASB) are set to be re-implemented in the Eastwood area of Rotherham.

2017 saw the introduction of the borough's first Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) in the town centre and Clifton Park after the Council said that it continued to receive complaints about a minority of people who behave in an unacceptable way.

A PSPO introduces a number of prohibitions to address the anti-social behaviour of individuals visiting these areas. By outlining these prohibitions it makes it clear what kind of behaviour is acceptable.

A similar order was implemented in 2019 in Eastwood, a residential and business area on the edge of Rotherham town centre.

A report submitted to Rotherham Council, which was approved at the Cabinet meeting earlier this month, showed that 90% of respondents to recent consultation supported a new designation which will run for a further three years.

Cllr Saghir Alam, Cabinet Member for Corporate Services, Community Safety and Finance, said: “The consultation showed public support for continuing with the PSPO for this area of Rotherham.

“The new powers which were introduced to tackle the minority of people who make life unpleasant for others have had an effect but it is clear from the results that more needs to be done. We are pleased that Cabinet has approved the report’s recommendation.”

Conditions in the PSPO include: behaving in such a way or using language that causes, or is likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to another person; drinking alcohol other than in a licensed premises or event; causing noise that is likely to have a detrimental impact on a person(s) quality of life.

In addition, residents, landlords and managing agents, will need to put their wheelie bins away, as the council receives complaints regarding the street scene.

Any individual in breach of the PSPO is subject to a £100 penalty. Those that failed to pay this would be liable for prosecution.

Chief Superintendent Stephen Chapman said: “We fully support the application for the refreshed Public Space Protection Order in relation to Fitzwilliam Road. Numerous complaints are regularly received from within the community which relate to anti-social behaviour, and environmental issues including waste management.

“There have been 34 reports to South Yorkshire Police within the area for these incident categories so far this year to date, this is in addition to issues that will have been dealt with by officer intervention without an incident being created, or ASB that would be linked to other recorded matters.

“The refreshed PSPO would afford SYP and partner agencies the powers and tools to deal with such complaints in a robust manner, whilst also raising awareness to those that may behave in such a way that this conduct is not acceptable. The additional powers afforded under the PSPO would serve to reassure the community that SYP and partners are taking their concerns seriously and seeking to take appropriate action.”

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