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As you can see from reading any of the articles on this site, Rotherham is a key economic power in South Yorkshire, in the UK. As an excellent business location it has attracted a number of inward investors and produced world-leading companies of its own.

Rothbiz was established with the aim of getting this message across. There are fantastic companies, doing fantastic things and Rothbiz is the only place which brings together positive news regarding businesses, enterprise, commercial property, regeneration, key developments and the economy in Rotherham. From the factory producing 70,000 bagels every hour, to the company developing a virtually waterless washing machine, all the stories are here.

The site also brings together the latest news on the large scale investments across the borough including Rotherham town centre and the continued regeneration of former coalfield areas. Another focus is enterprise and in particular, enterprise education, an area where it is recognised that Rotherham leads the way.

As far as an editorial policy, Rothbiz features articles regarding businesses, developments and projects taking place within the Rotherham local authority boundary. The emphasis is always on positive articles.

The site will inspire school kids and raise aspirations, helping them to recognise what is happening in Rotherham, now and in the future.

The site will encourage Rotherham companies to recognise opportunities for collaboration, growth and business development.

The site will help to bring the Rotherham business community together.

The site will change the perceptions of Rotherham.

The site will raise the profile of Rotherham.

The site will generate interest from potential investors from across the globe.

News is good for business.

Read more about Tom Austen, the founder and editor of Rotherham Business News.

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