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How do I get a story about my business on Rotherham Business News?

Keep doing what you are doing. If you didn't keep having success then we'd have nothing to write about!

One easy way is to submit a press release about your latest expansion / contract / amazing product / award / apprentice / milestone / huge order / charity endeavour. The Guardian has the best guide on how to write an effective press release.

A good Rothbiz story should cover the who, what, where, when and how - and also the why (why is this important?).

Rotherham Business News only features business news that relates to Rotherham (hence the name...).

Press releases can be submitted via our contact page.

I like what you do and want to support you, how can I do that?

If you have had coverage on Rothbiz, gained leads and business from reading the site, like our positive approach to talking up the borough and its businesses, want to raise your profile and get in front of the business community, or just like being kept up to date with the latest news, Rothbiz is looking at options to enable supporters to become members, backers and patrons and help us to continue to promote Rotherham as a business location by shouting about what we have.

One off donations
You can make a donation by sending money via PayPal. Any contributions are greatly appreciated.

You can say thank you or show support in an informal way by buying our editor, Tom Austen, a nice cup of tea via the Ko-fi website here.

Become a Member
Businesses and organisations can show their support for Rothbiz and the continued promotion of Rotherham and its businesses at the same time as raising their profile and getting in front of the business community.

A range of membership options will see your business or organisation featured on the Rothbiz website which has 6,000 subscribers and followers and receives 20,000 pageviews a month.

Find out more and become a member here.

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