Sunday, February 6, 2011

News: Clegg in Rotherham to outline plans for an environmentally and economically sustainable future


Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was in Rotherham last week to set out the coalition's plans for a new environmentally and economically sustainable economy, saying the new economic model would be built on enterprise and investment, instead of unsustainable debt.

The Deputy PM gave a speech at a Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) event held at the Advanced Manufacturing Park and organised by The Special Metals Forum (SMF), in partnership with National Metals Technology Centre (NAMTEC).

Clegg said that the new economy would spread growth across all corners of the UK, rather than depending on certain regions and certain sectors.

The Deputy Prime Minister said there were four steps for the country to take.

He said that the UK must: wean itself off debt-financed growth, and onto investment-led prosperity; Invest in the "hard" infrastructure that underpins growth, such as transport; Cultivate the "soft" infrastructure made up of knowledge, skills and education that businesses need; and Balance regions and sectors, instead of putting all the economic eggs in one basket.

Deputy PM Nick Clegg said: "We need an economy that is sustainable - environmentally sustainable, of course, but economically sustainable too. An economy built on investment, not debt; on world-class infrastructure and world-class skills; and on regional balance and diversity.

"We are determined to set our economy on a new course; to fuel growth in a new, more balanced way; and to replace the old, debt-ridden economy with a new one, based on investment, export and sustainability."

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